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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Well, well, well

Here I sit with a renewed vim, vigor and vitality, long may it continue :) We got the new dog, Brandy yesterday she is really wonderful spirit. Very well behaved and took a shine to our family as much as we did to her.
I am really lucky to be on this journey of discovery with my children. I just hope and pray that I can maintain the energy needed to shape the enthusiastic children I was given.
Whenever I start to doubt what or how I am doing they will amaze me with their own creativity and thought processes. DS last night who was supposed to be sleeping...all was quiet so we thought he was..showed up around 10.30 pm- he's seven-with a laundry hamper full of different containers. In each he had separated his marbles into groups of ten. He said he was laying there contemplating how many marbles he had and he thought he had nearly one hundred. Low and behold he had divided them up and had ninty six! I was impressed that he had shown the initiative to do something so creative and mathmatical on his own.
Some days I wonder if he is listening as he is a restless learner and he appears to not be hearing me or paying attention. And then he will do something like that that will show me not only is he learning but more importantly he is thinking.
Today we are going to make a mini lapbook on Canada Day as the first is Canada Day :) We already put together a puzzle which showed all the provinces and territories as well as what each province had in the way of natural resources. And we discussed using the globe how people came to Canada and why.
I have been doing a lot of the cutting and pasting of the lapbooks but am going to insist that they start to do it themselves more. I tell them that yes Mom can do it for them but that won't let them practice it and they won't improve their own skills if Mom does it for them. ;) So here's hoping that today goes according to plan because here in this homeschool you never know what path of discovery will really take place as the discussion of life and world begins :)

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