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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Classroom!

So finally I have a working computer :) I can now post pictures of our classroom. It works for us for now. This is our first full year homeschooling and we decided that having a space allocated for book work or lessons would be more functional then not. The room used to a storage room. Imagine it if you will piled box upon box high with little to no room to enter. And my apologies for the color being slightly off.

French Corner and Library with workboxes, workbooks, encylcopedias, dictionary, extra storage on top shelf.

Double Cupboards for storing future curriculum and extras. I also put teacher supplies in here and any done work that I want to hang onto.

Bulletin Board that changes monthly to reflect things we will be studying. Computer Corner not fully functional yet. But soon I hope :)

Our whiteboards. One is hung lower for DD five to use for writing. And our alphabet up above borders the wall. Also a cutout of numbers one through ten in french and english.

Our art area. We used an old side table with two bar stools we picked up yard saling. And mounted in the wall is a piece of wood that DH cut holes into to set cups in for pencils, marker, crayons, scissors, glue and so on.

I put above the art desk a small bulletin board for some of their drawings and or work.

Our word wall with small magnetic board is opposite the art centre.

On the back of the class door I hung one of those shoe bags and put our flashcard sets in it. And on the opposing door to the furnace room I put a school schedule so the kids and I can keep track of upcoming appt's or field trips.

Overall I am pretty happy with our class organization so far. I miss my storage(junk) room but in a way it is better to not have a catch all room anymore. :) I love that the class opens into the main recroom which is used for a playroom and school as well. We have a sectional that has an octagon coffee table for playing file folder games on or board games. It's nice to sit on the couch for reading times and talks. And we have charts and a globe there as well for learning.
In the main part of the home we try to keep it home and not school. However I did post the kids dino mural over the back of the couch. Mostly because it was the only place large enough to accomodate such a large piece of work. I hope you have enjoyed your tour of our indoor classroom as much as I have had making it up.

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