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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Super Science Month Off to a Great Start.


Our school this month is continuing forward with our English, Math and so on. Our unit of study though which is on top of those areas was science. I came up with some areas or subjects I was hoping to cover. And seeing as though we are dealing with a level of learning discrepancy since DS is two years older then his sister and has covered some of these topics, I tried to delve deeper into them and cover information he hadn't learned yet.
So this past week we discussed atoms and molecules. We attempted to make a buckeyball from the kitchen chemistry book mentioned in my earlier post. It was a flop but a fun flop. I introduced scientific method to the kids and we started science notebooks in binders. Included in the notebooks are lab reports, a diagram of the scientific method (taped to the inside of the binder for easy reference), and a chart to list when all experiments were completed and what they were called. It's an attempt for the kids to see how real scientists keep accurate records. Over the past week I have seen a major improvement in my son's work ethic and in my daughters ability to take dictation. She also has started to show more interest in learning to read as well as a deepening understanding of phonics. I was so thrilled to see these improvements in them and know that given more time they both will turn into gems for students.
We also had fun this week talking about the five states of matter; Bose Einstein condensate, liquids, solids, gases and plasmas. We made cornstarch goop for an experiment which my son loved playing with so much I had to pry him away from it. And we did an experiment freezing water to illustrate the Mpemba Effect on water. We also talked about physical and chemical change in states of matter.
This month is proving to be fun for all of us. And I hope to see continued improvement in school.
I also got a chance to go out with some women from our local homeschool group and really enjoyed having fun with some adults for a change. We took in the movie Secretariat and I recommend it for all families. Disney has made a come back in my books with this family movie.
My deck was stained even though the weather is turning colder. I am grateful for the brief window of opportunity I was given to get that job done so I didn't have to stare at bare wood all winter. I chose a cappuccino stain from the Behr line of stain at Home Depot. Again I am not sure how it seems to have more red then I would like but I am hoping it will fade some over winter. In any event it looks far nicer on the front with the brickwork then the other plain wood.
I managed to find at DD's request a pen friend for her and will get her started on that this week coming. I hope it turns out well. I recall with fondness some of the wonderful pen friends I had growing up and as a grown up. Unfortunately I have since lost touch with all of them. It's funny how small relationships like that throughout our lives can touch our hearts so much.
DD's Spark troop may be laying a wreath this week at the cenotaph and I would be most honored if she can attend. So I would like to end today's post with a well known and beautiful tribute to all of those who have fought and died. Not only for us in Canada but all over the world throughout the ages. Without whom we would not be who we are today.

Thanks to the man, John Macrea, who wrote this.

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