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Monday, February 28, 2011

What a strange month.

February has been a strange month. Rushing to get things done for a friends shower, ordering gift and making cake. Cake was finished, order held up and then it was postponed.
School has been getting tad monotonous for us all. So to shake it up I stopped our unit on Monarchy. We will likely touch back on that for the upcoming nuptials. In the meantime we head into March like a lion. And look at green science. Is it earth friendly? Or color related? We are doing it. School elective swimming starts again so I have a schedule that looks like this. Experiment day one, swim day two, experiment day three, Lego club day four and experiment on Friday. And again to ease the minds of those many wondering well meaning people yes the three r's plod onward and upward. DD has taken to writing sentences on the white board for spelling/reading and then illustrating her finished work. DS is moving ever forward. I look forward to more outdoor time and pray the Groundhog was right and that spring is around the corner.
I am behind in our flat travellers and need to get them packed and returned soon. DH just was laid off from his regular job. Not that that is new he usually has some slow periods with the type of work he is in. However this time he agreed to seek other employment. So far he has lined up a possibility with a temp job for the time he is laid off. It's in his field so that would be nice rather then depending on the less then stellar EI our government gives out. I think the silliest part of our EI or unemployment is that the government wants us to work yet insists we don't for a full two weeks when we first file for EI? What is the point, merely to save them some paperwork. It's ridiculous and unfair.
I am meeting a lot of fabulous people lately and feel very blessed to make their acquaintances. I hope that some of them will lead to some lasting friendship for myself and my kids who are started to feel the effects of two whole months with no electives other then Sparks which has been sporadic at best due to a death in the Leaders family.
I am not certain I will put her back in Sparks next year. It seems to be alright but DD isn't forging any relationships with the other girls as I had hoped. I may try to get her into the ballet homeschool class instead. She has been wanting to learn more 'moves' lately. My ballet isn't as graceful as it once was many moons ago at seven.
So February was strange and March looks busy with electives and DD's birthday. I do hope the snow starts to melt some. But to occupy my time I am planning the year end party for our homeschool group. More on that later.

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  1. Well, I post my link on the HHH and then look at the link before mine and who do I find???? LOL My friend from the spot!

    Sorry about you DH's job, it's hard right now. More and more people I know are getting laid off. Hubby hasn't had a steady job in 2 years now. It's very frustrating.

  2. Praying that God will provide financially has been my motto the last couple years. My DH was laid off by the same employer twice in a year and this was during the same time as I became pregnant with number 4 and 5! It just shows how HE needs to be the focus in our crazy world.
    Amie from the HHH


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