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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

End of Year Party

Well the end of year party for our homeschool association was a success. More people came out last Sat and made it a wonderful time had by all.
Our theme was a fun carnival. My husband and myself made up games to take. Its a dream of ours to open a party palace of sorts as a venue for kids partys they are just so much fun. So we made up a highstriker game, a ball toss, a squirt gun game, a fishing pond which caught fish bath toys for a little something different. And I painted up a couple of cutouts to have photos taken in.     For food we made it potluck and also got a large cake made. We had popcorn and a lollipop tree.

It was quite funny really because the idea of the lollipop tree was one specially marked sucker one a large stuffed bear. The tree held 60 lollipops. But there weren't that many kids so we let adults take suckers also. Still no one had won the bear. So we started another round with the youngest person picking first then the next age up and so on. Finally the bear was won! After all the games were played and food was eaten we had a prize table and auctioned off the
larger prizes for tickets the kids had won at the games. It was a lot of fun although I will say I think in the future I would need a megaphone to be louder over the kids at auction. It was so much fun that I have had many people suggest that we should do the rest of the party's too. I am not sure we will be doing that but brainstorming ideas and keeping a book handy is in the works. So even if someone else wants the fun we can always offer help.

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