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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Heat Wave

The first major summer heat wave is here. And with it comes lethargy and lots of juice.
The kids play most of the days in the downstairs with lego to beat the heat. I am trying to stay on top of the housework but it can be tough. Yesterday was the worst. I was melting.
So much is going on all the time its hard to find time to come to my blog and post anything these days. I have the kids computer being looked at and hope to get it back soon so I can load their curriculums and get moving. But of course the classroom still desparately needs new paint. And hubbys hours are still incredibly long. He has two weeks left before the job is done and we are out looking for work again. We are going to enjoy our August as much as possible as family time  has been sadly lacking for months due to work.
I am really looking forward to getting out again as a family and having more time that is a regular schedule. I am also hoping that we will get blueberry picking this year. I am not sure if the area we normally go has been hit by forest fire or not yet. I will have to look into that more. But it has so many little inland freshwater lakes that I would love to take the canoe and camp. Fun!

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