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Friday, August 19, 2011

Having found many other homeschool Moms in the same boat as I, sadly lacking for robotics material to teach young kids. I thought I would share my scribd find of the day. Well truthfully I have had my scribd account for awhile and found it last spring but forgot until now to check on scribd for material. I find that happens a lot with various accounts. This is the second very useful book I have found.
I love scribd for it wealth of books you can download. This book was written to cover history, systems, nueral networks, evolutionary computation, and knowledge engineering and data mining. Do I know what it all means. Nope haven't a clue. But that the beauty of homeschool isn't it? Learning along side our children is fascinating to see them get it. For us to get too is an added bonus. This book comes with review questions. I am really excited to add it to our robotics science class.

The other book I am really loving yet still have to wade my way through is my Kitchen Chemistry Book I downloaded last year. So if you haven't already checked out Scribd its worth the money. And you know what I have even found complete lapbooks there as well. I am only scratching the surface of what they have to offer but wanted to share these incredible finds with you!

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