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Thursday, June 20, 2013

As Life Goes On.

  The old adage that time flies when your having fun must be true. Life has whizzed by so fast since we began our homeschooling journey four short years ago. The kids have grown so much in both knowledge and size. It's a funny thing to say I homeschool. That I take the responsibility of my child's education in my hands. Why? Because I detested school. Truth be told I spent more hours looking out the window day dreaming of what I could better be spending my time doing then I did listening. I passed. I came out the other side of education. What I learned was that as a young adult I was more capable to grasp the idea of education. The importance of learning. The joy of learning. I relish the chance to instill this love in my children while they are young.

 I have struggled with teaching my daughter to read for the past three years. I took a few months of literally not asking her to read at all. She is eight now. We got a new reader. The Christian Liberty Press, History Stories for Children. I don't know if it was the months of not reading to me or the new reader that inspired her. Today she read a whole chapter! I was stunned. I told her how impressed I was. She calmly told me that if I can sit and read a chapter book to her for hours she can handle one chapter. I sat in wonder and amazement at the progression. When she started homeschool after a year of public school she didn't know her alphabet. Now she is reading and fairly well I might add. That accomplishment is mine to cherish forever.

  As the years go on more moments like those pile up. I looked back fondly at both the good and the bad. I realize that in order to have to good we had to endure the bad. It hasn't been an easy road. Certainly the road is paved with many frustrating days but those days have brought us closer as a family. We look forward to continuing our journey of loving and learning together.

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