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Sunday, March 30, 2014


Time has a way of getting busy. As lovely as it was to be offered the month long trial for Time for Learning I admittedly didn't even get to use it. The kids were still immersed in their other courses and before you know it time was gone. That said I am thinking of reviewing this past years materials and methods. Thinking out loud here I may just start a new page so the reviews don't get lost. As a mix and match homeschooler this past year has definitely been a year to test new materials out. Some of which we rather disappointing. Some just stepping stones to other learning and some fabulous. I also have a large list of resources I want to implement this year. It seems as the kids get older that more material needs to be covered. Their interests become broader too making it hard to incorporate all the material we would like to in a given day. For this reason I will definitely have to plan our school weeks better. Having signed them up for once a week swim lessons in the fall which are in the middle of the day it should make it challenging. Luckily schooling around the year means I don't feel the same pressure to complete the given workload in a set number of days.

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