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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Free Kids Coding Roundup!

It's a world of technology out there. 

If you have been wondering how to introduce your kids to this fast paced world of learning look no further then coding. It's the basis of all the app's, games, and websites out there. I have compiled for you a listing of some of the very best sites to use. The best part is they are all free!

Just click on any image below to go direct to the site!


 Java Programming ebook free to download in English, French, Russian and Ukraine.


 Hackety Hack uses Ruby programming to teach kids from the ground up. No prior experience is necessary.


 Kids Ruby is real Ruby Coding. Ruby coding is used in a lot of major programming areas.


 Kodu is a free kids computer/xbox game programming download from Microsoft Research. This is a fun one for kids looking for immediate easy results.


 Alison is free online learning with a lot of computer programming courses offered. You do have to sign up to use the site but its free.


This one leads to Python a Introductory course through Alison as seen above. Python does have it's own site that you can go directly too but it's no as easy to navigate.

 Codeacademy is a free to use with sign up site that uses various forms of programming as well as animation.


Alice teaches kids programming in an interactive 3D world Blender has a great animation program for free download.


Scratch from MIT is a colorful and easy way to learn simple coding.


Code is an interactive coding learning site. It looks realitively simplistic to use and teaches from the ground up. Kids as young as Kindergarten can start learning!


Code Monster at Crunchzilla is a very easy to use online programming site.


 Stencyl is all about creating great games without knowing coding. The games you create can be played on a variety of platforms including Android, Ipad, Windows, Linux, and more.

With the wide variety out there for free use kids can spend hours having fun learning. Be sure to stick around for our upcoming roundup of free computer courses to learn various aspects to working online and offline.

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