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Thursday, June 7, 2012


Okay so you have heard the name. You may have been invited to the site, gotten there and were completely lost. This article is for you!

I was you. I was you two months ago. Now I am addicted to going to see what new item I can scrounge up to craft with the kids, teach the kids, make for the home, etc...Also great to find recipes that are new. We all need new recipes to get out of our food ruts we get into.

Anyway once you are there and have your profile page. The site has already given you some 'boards' to 'pin' to.

What are the boards? The boards are where you organize you finds.

What are 'pins'? Pins are anything you 'pin' to your boards.
You can rename your boards, edit, delete, make more...the uses are endless.

If you are like I was you likely have a favorites folder that is chalk a block full of links. Links have no pictures. You can hover over those links and get a small sense of what it was you saved there four years ago. Generally I found myself clicking on the links to go to the pages to refresh my memory about why I saved it.

So boards on Pinterest are like a favorite folder only it is visual. You can save most any website you like by clicking on the 'pin' button your saved to your browser bar when you were prompted. Now if you didn't save that button its ok. Once on Pinterest you can search other peoples boards. If you find a kindred collector of pins you can 'follow' that board.

What does 'following' mean? No you aren't stalking them. What it means is their images or boards will be shown on your search page more often. That way you may see more images/sites that interest you.

Now the downside to all this pinning? It will take time. It can be addictive. The worst downside though is sometimes a pin is just that nothing more beyond the image shown.

Well how do you know what you are pinning will lead to another website like a link would?
 Well you click on the image you are interested in. It will bring a new page up showing a larger version of the small image you clicked on. Click on that again. It should open a window to the original place the pin was grabbed from. That way you can look to see if it is something you would truly want to pin.

I have found like I said sometimes a pin isn't anything more then an image. Other times you will hit the jackpot in learning sites, cooking websites, etc..
How do you pin from the boards. There are two buttons on the top of all the images on the boards. One clearly says pin. When you click that it will open a pop up window which will ask you where you want to pin to.

Here is where you can easily title your own boards by scrolling down to the bottom of the drop down menu.
Hey you just pinned something! Congratulations! You are now off to the races.
Oh and if you are looking for something there is a search box in the upper left of your screen!

Note: Dial up users are likely to be highly frustrated by this site due to the amount of images and length of time to download them.

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