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Monday, October 4, 2010

Absent Now Back Again.

You may have noticed I haven't posted in awhile. That is mainly because I was so busy working on a yearly craft show and sale that I attend. I have attended it for the past fourteen years.
I let the kids have time off from formal learning for those two weeks while I prepared my crafts and baking. They spent a large portion of their time unschooling. They watched me sew webs and spiders. They made pom poms with me. And they baked and helped to package items with me. DD helped me wrap suckers the large round ones in cheesecloth and then I let her put little ghostly faces on them before I tied the cheesecloth on. These were surprisingly popular with the little craft sale goer's, much to my daughters delight as she was earning the money from those sales. They also busied themselves with drawing elaborate murals on newsprint and making pipecleaner spiders and pipecleaner playground equipment for their spiders. They wrote more then they do with formal learning lol. Asking how to spell this and that. I discovered my DD has an interest in cartooning as she made her funny pics have speech bubbles with humorous comments.

My DS helped me with making virginia creeper wreaths. I understand they are more dry in the spring to work with but time was of the essence and I needed some more to fill the small country porch I was to show out of. So he learned that the vine did the walking and your hand just follows it through to completion. He also learned how to weave the ends in neatly and start another vine intertwining.
DD contented herself bouncing on and amongst the felled birch tree in our backyard. Seemed like great fun for them both to make little dens inside the pile of branches. And all the backyard birds seemed to chirp happily there also for the week. The tree has now been removed from the yard. A sudden dip in temperatures into the near 0's Celsius has spurred us to make quick pickup of things in the yard. Snow can come anytime now here in the north. Although usually it isn't until after Halloween. There is still some cleanup to do. And a lot to finish on the deck.
So for the baking I made pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips, pumpkin muffins with Cinnamon chips, brownies, pumpkin pie blossoms, sugar cookies on sticks, chocolate fudge, peanut butter and chocolate fudge, cappuccino fudge, caramel corn and pumpkin pie taffy. The taffy was wrapped like old fashioned candies in waxed paper. I also made caramel apple and chocolate covered apples. The candy was set up on a table to look like an old fashioned candy store and then I had taste tests of the candy. People loved it and candy was flying off the table. Baking not so much. The sale is unique in that it is based in several homes around in a rural area so there is a drive to find new and exciting crafts and ideas to present every year.
It was my first time away from the kids for two whole nights and days. I left them with Dh and hoped for the best lol.
If you have ever seen the show 'the week the wives left'..welll...that will give you some idea of how things were upon my return. Hoo Boy not sure I want to repeat that. Below are some pics of the sale :)

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