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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Shortest Fall and Bats.


Well I know we live in a northern clime but fall usually seems longer. This year we had a short sunny bit followed by rain mixed with snow and hail. Not too much too enjoy.
So we turn ourselves back to our lessons for enjoyment. DD had requested awhile ago that we learn of bats. She was in the I want to fly stage and had to learn all there was to learn about creatures that fly. As I have said before we do celebrate Halloween. So that being said I thought it would be good to have more indepth look at bats nearer to Halloween. So we found a tonne of wonderful information and things to look at. Books from the library which of course included a copy of Stellaluna. We used some of the lapbook resources from and we got a copy of the movie also at the library. I reread the book before we watched to movie and asked the kids to watch for differences between the book and the movie. The spotted quite a few.
We looked at the anatomy of the bats arms and fingers and how they are similar or dissimilar from birds and people.We read about bats from the Hinterland Who's Who website. We focused on echolocation, hibernation, migration, and delayed reproduction. And we made notebooking sources for each.  DS made a flip book using this. We also used the mega bat vs micro bat comic to read and discuss the differences between the two. Lubee Bat Conservatory Mega/Micro Bat Comic
Admittedly we did not even cover all that I was hoping to cover on the subject. Some more links of interest are below.

href="http://www.gamequarium.org/cgi-bin/search/linfo.cgi?id=9701" This is a Magic School Bus bat page.
href="http://www.dumgal.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=8588"This is a printable workbook on bats.
href="http://www.abcteach.com/free/b/border_bat_primary.pdf">This is a pdf notebooking page with bat border.

During this time we also had a field trip to a local corn maze. Since I don't personally drive one of the other hs mothers was generous enough to offer the kids and I a ride. Well we got there an hour early, a slight oversight lol. So we made our way back into town where we stopped at the local MacDonalds playland to kill time. The kids didn't mind the diversion. And before we knew it we were back on track. At the farm where the corn maze was located there was also a petting barn where the kids were able to feed some grain to the cow and goat. Of course the horses didn't need the extra feed so they had to content themselves with pets from the thirty or so odd hs kids that came.

DD and DS looking at a pygmy goat

We also we lucky to enjoy a wonderful hayride on this unbelieveably chilly fall day. Packed onto the wagon the two large horses, one pictured above pulled for all they were worth and made a wonderful ride around the tree farm and back again. From there we entered the corn maze. I was so busy trying to keep up to the eager kids I didn't think to take a picture. It was a small feat of engineering that maze. And very well done. The kids and I really got a workout trying to find the way station points. Afterward I spotted this wonderful stump near the old house on the farm. Which incidently is the oldest house from our city.
It has been a busy time of year which may be part of the reason that it seems to be a very short season. DD is a member of Sparks and has been busy selling cookies door to door and had a campout scheduled. Well she was so thrilled. Myself I was more apprenhensive afterall she is only five. However she was quite insistent that she go. So not to stiffle independence and fun I said she could. It was a job in itself packing for her from the kit list supplied. She got there on time at ten and seemed a little less sure of herself. I reassured her it would be fine. Well she made it until 10.30pm then I got a call with the smallest we voice 'Mom I can't sleep I want to come home.' So home she came. I give her a big thumbs up for trying. And the camp leader said there is another campout in the summer so who knows maybe a big six year old will make it.

Sugar Shack cabin where the campout was
Also in the past couple weeks. DH and DS have been working tirelessly on our front deck. So far it is almost complete. The stairs we just added yesterday. I am looking forward to having it finished.

Well in other news my FIL has gotten remarried and is coming for visit with the new "MIL, SM, Grandma" next week. Although it will be a short visit we are all anxious to see what she is like as it has been a sudden marriage and they live far away so we haven't met her.

The kids have been keeping up with their swimming classes and both are improving. DS has even started jumping into the pool from the side. And he is braver then I ever was and keeps his eyes open under the water. Since I told him he could be a lifeguard when he is older for a summer job he is now determined to become the best swimmer he can be. He has always loved the water so I can see that being something he would enjoy. DD is being braver now also and not just clinging to the sides of the pool. It is such a wonderful blessing to watch the people they will be unfold.
I am also very proud of my son for taking a stand with his friend. The boy came over for a sleep over and is a bit more verbal if you will, then I allow. Well I have told DS before that I don't mind friends over but it is up to him to make sure they follow the rules. And that they need to in order to be allowed to stay. So his friend was using some bad language and he said 'Stop saying that we don't talk like that in my house.' I thought it was great that he stood firm and I was happy to see he has been listening.

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