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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Another Week Passed?

How do the weeks flit by so unobtrusively? How does the time slip through our hands?

 Well the last week of school here was trying to say the least. In my attempt to buckle down I lost sight of the important fact that when one is learning and moving forward, no matter how slow it may feel, it's still in a forward direction. I need to remember this. It's important to keep my goals in check with what the kids are capable of accomplishing. So I have scaled back the work and continue to try to shift things around to fit the days better.

With the coming of the end of summer here you really notice it. The days are shorter, as it gets dark earlier and the leaves start to change color. The fall fair is around the corner for us which means getting the kids entries ready. Close on the heels of the fall fair our homeschool group, which I run, is planning a kids centered fine arts show. I am still working on a venue and making sure my kids have the pieces they wanted to enter ready.

If that wasn't going to keep me busy for the immediate future, I also am planning the kick off event for our homeschool group. Thankfully I have some great ladies helping spearhead that or I would be a complete wreck at this point.

So with all of those upcoming activities the family decided to do something we enjoy together. Garage Saling. I must say if you are fortunate enough to live in a city such as ours where the sales are unregulated and happen in large numbers every week you can make some terrific finds. We bought all the great books below for less then $10!

Join in next week to see how our projects are progressing for the fair!

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