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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our Term One Curriculums

We didn't stop for summer break this year. Which means we have already started our new school year. I know I like to see what other people have picked for their year so I thought I would share what we are currently doing. This will change as each subject is finished up of course throughout the term.

( I still am not sure when we will switch to term two but I think likely around the Christmas holidays)

Daughter: Grade 3: Term One.

Language Arts:




Complete k12 Internet Usage

Keyboarding Skills







We notebook a lot of the ideas

 Of course all subjects have supplemental materials and books. It would take to long to list it all. This is a basic outline. Also we are currently working on acrylic painting with my daughter for an upcoming homeschool art show.

Son: Grade 5: Term One:

A lot of our subjects are shared so I am only adding what extras my son has for grade 5 here.

Language Arts:



There are so many great things to teach kids when homeschooling. Finding what works for one doesn't always work for another. The challenge in that can be daunting. Don't let it. If you start something and find it isn't working don't be afraid to set it aside for another time further down the road. I find asking the kids what they would like to learn helps shape our homeschooling experience. We love to add new topics into the mix regularly.

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