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Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Corn Maze

This past week we saw it all. Flus, colds, karate, archery, and corn maze. No stone was left uncovered in our quest to have a life full of adventure. The corn maze was a beautiful excursion from the everyday bookwork. Unfortunately it also was the first time I left my son alone. He was too raspy to bring out in the cool fall air. He contented himself with hours of video games. Boy life is tough. The farmer who runs the corn maze sure thinks of everything. Selling pumpkins, gourds, and squash to the public, he also grows Christmas trees. Throughout late summer his farm is open for wildflowers walks and tours. Hayrides, sleigh rides and a small petting barn are also available. He really out does himself every year making up the corn maze. This year's design was a brain. His map was a little tough to follow, cough, cough...seems some of the other kids had no problem though. In the maze is a sort of stamp scavenger hunt you are to complete before exiting...well we didn't finish. We only had found five of the six punches after racing through the maze for an hour and half. Tired, hot, I had overdressed for the occasion, and feeling slightly claustrophobic I was relieved to find our way back out.
We hope you enjoyed your trip to the farm with us!

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