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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Seasons Greetings comment

DD's School Pic

DS's School Pic

So our school pictures came in. I am very pleased with the photos that were kindly taken by a local photography studio for a discounted price for the homeschooling group. My kids are growing like weeds and it is never more noticeable then when the school pictures come in.
Goodness we have been busy this past week. Unfortunately school has gotten a little off track. So now with three days left in Super Science Month it is up to me to grab the reins and get this buggy back on the path.
We have Albert Einstein and a few odd experiments to finish. And now that I have DD reading I need to make sure she practices daily. I think she is progressing really well there.
Christmas is on my mind a lot as I tidy, paint and decorate. And time to get those Christmas projects for school on the go as well. I have a list of ideas that I need to compile into a more concise school unit. And of course end of month means our bulletin board will need changing. Unfortunately I have planned an excursion this weekend which means I have no time to get any of it done. I shall just have to pour the midnight hours in to get it finished.

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