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Monday, November 1, 2010

November Begins with A Whirl!

I love Scribd it is awesome! I found a complete book on kitchen chemistry! Mind you I had to join for a month for $9 it was sooo worth it. And yes the ink to print it out was a lot. But this book is fabulous. I think we are going to use it the rest of the year cover to cover. It has easy experiments you can do easily in your own home to illustrate the ideas behind the facts. So I was as you can tell thrilled to find it. The timing was perfect as we head into November which I have deemed Science Month. Note our new bulletin board theme.

Last year I covered both magnetism and electricity with my DS so I have developed a more complex lesson plan for him. I encourage my DD to listen and pick up what she can. I also have her lesson plan to run concurrently with DS's. Today we covered atoms and molecules. We completed one experiment and failed miserably at another. I am going to have DH look into where we went wrong tonight. We learned about the scientific method and how to organize our new science notebooks we are doing for the year. I had them tape a chart to the inside cover of the notebook to remind them of the order of the scientific method. The each had a periodic table with pictures ( link for that in my link list). They learned how to fill out lab sheets for their experiments. And yes they balked at all the writing. But in time I can only hope to instill good methodology.
I tried to compile a complete curriculum/lesson for the month. However I found that as I gathered information it was growing exponentially. So I am taking DH advice and taking the sketch of the month and compiling it a week at a time.
There are several historical figures I am hoping to cover as well. Along with science DS is learning decimals and fractions more indepth and DD is continuing to learn the concepts she needs to master. It's proving to be a interesting and busy month.
And as if all of this and housework weren't enough. I dashed outside this evening to start staining our front deck. Tomorrow is also supposed to be nice and I hope to finish then. Snow will be coming sooner rather then later and I just can't stare at the nakedness of blonde wood against red brick all winter.
That about puts us back on track for where we are at thus far.

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