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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Apples and Squirrels, Oh My!

The fruit vendor is up from the Georgian Bay. So excited to be buying bushels of apples for eating and pies. I love them crisp and sweet and ready to eat!

Next week we are going to tackle a lapbook in school that I had to make up all myself! I feel so nervous and excited all at once to tackle such a venture with the two eager kids I have. Little sponges, I call them, sucking up all the knowledge of the world they are given. My kids love learning new facts. We watched a grey 'black' squirrel bound happily along one of it's litter mates this past week in the backyard. And it got us to thinking, we know virtually nothing about squirrels other then how pesky they can be at the bird feeders.
When I get my computer back. ...I know I am sounding like a broken record here...I will post pics of the finished lapbooks.

We of course since DH was home went garage saling again. And I lucked out finding VHS of leapfrog tapes for math, phonics and alphabet. I hear they are awesome for visual learners so I can't wait to play them for DD.

Also this past week the kids were booked through the local homeschool group for swimming lessons. They get forty five minutes instruction and fifteen of play in the pool for twelve weeks starting at the end of Sept. They are really stoked. :)

I am also trying to book DD for Sparks but after submitting my form last week online still haven't heard anything so I think I will have to call the 1-800 on Monday for that. She wanted to take highland dance but....money isn't flowing from rivers. And it's ridiculously priced over $150 to start. And there are many concerts throughout the year meaning more cash out of pocket. So we figure we can wait until she is a year or two older to see if she still has the interest. Right now at five she is interested in everything but reality is we can't do it all! lol.

DS wants to join a robotics club but it won't be starting up if at all until after the PS is back in since it is a high school teacher who teaches that. I really hope they do because he is choosing it over scouts....not sure if I understand the appeal of robots but he is gung ho so I am on board with it and muddle through teaching it as best as I can. :P

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