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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Week One Aerodynamics Down..well almost ;P

For our fist official back to school week we looked at aerodynamics in regard to flight. We talked about the four forces required for flight; weight, lift, pressure and drag. We looked at some of the historical figures associated with flight, the Montgolfier's and their hot air balloon, Leonardo Da Vinci and his Ornithopter. We talked about the Swiss scientist Bernoulli and discussed his principal. We then recreated Bernoulli's ball with a hairdryer and a ping pong ball. The kids thought that was great fun. DH made them each a whirly bird toy out of white cedar and they got to paint them. We discussed how birds can create lift with their powerful wings and how that wouldn't be possible for humans and why. We experimented while driving on a quiet road with the principle of lift by hanging our hands out the window of the truck. The experiment would have turned out better had it not been raining. We did learn at high velocity rain hitting our hands hurts lol. The kids each made foam bird crafts and we still have to take our field trip to the bush plane museum.

Aside from our aerodynamics the kids got to work in their workbooks for math and English. And the first flat travelers of the year came. One from Arizona and another from Texas. Monday will be a day off as Dad has the day off. The first time in a long time. We have a huge schedule to get through in one day. Our field trip will be that day as well. :)

I will post pics when I can. As I said before I am using my old computer so it's not good for pics. :(

Off now to accomplish next weeks shortened lesson plan. :)

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