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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Whoa there!

Talk about your days whizzing past before you know it. Mine started at four am as my DH had to get up for work and I never can really go back to sleep. Before I knew the kids were up the usual routine of breakfast, dishes, laundry, and then the power went out. So we went out. We have been slowly picking away at finishing their homemade custom playhouse. DH just put the PVC screen door on yesterday. I was so glad to finally see it being used as we had bought it five or more years ago at a local hardware stores garage sale. It was a beautiful door which unfortunately did not fit our home. So there it was staring at me in the morning light screaming please wipe off the past five years of shop dust. And wipe I did. After that big job lol. I gave in to the dogs requests for me to throw the ball, then the frisbee and then another ball before she wandered off eating leftover walnut shells the squirrel had left in the yard. I can honestly say this dog is unique. But I can't blame her as I like walnuts myself, although I will stop short of the shell. ;P
After the power came on it was lunch time already. Then I had lessons I was supposed to prepare for this week coming. I make my own lessons/curriculum based on what is in line with the last thing we learned or what the kids have an interest in. Well this time I wanted to prepare a dinosaur lesson. Only one major problem..DH is working a 14 hour day and kids are very busy..and not in a way that is working for me. So after we cleaned the upstairs I realized we had to have school store. They had fun as they had made more money this past week picking up fallen apples of the ground for me. After that I realized it was time to throw something on for supper. So off to make a quick casserole so I may get one minute to start the lessons. Oh no wait now the kids are making a racket and I can't think. I tell them to be quieter. Still dinosaurs is a large topic which angle to tackle what topic to discuss. I will say here at the risk of alienating any readers that I do subscribe to evolution and I am a Christian. So I was thinking a lapbook but I am now down to the wire. So I have decided we will tackle a large mural that covers the three geological time periods that the dinosaurs lived in. We will also briefly look at the Pterosaurs as my daughter is fascinated with the idea of flight.
Following the mural I have those kits where you dig out your own fossil for each of the kids. And we will talk about the Canadian Badlands and how they formed and other topics that may come. And of course I am sure they will wow me with the immense questions that only young minds can come up with.
And here I am supper over, day done and I am wondering if I can manage to make it through this long month with hubby working 12-14hours everyday. Hmmm. Well I think I may have been here before not so long ago I had a babe in a snuggly and another in a stroller and DH was away for weeks at a time. I am sure this hurdle will be handled with more grace and finesse than those days of endless diapers. :)

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