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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


 As a child I was spoiled with a natural fairy garden. We didn't have to invite the fairies we were already living amongst them. We lived in a house back in the woods. A few feet from our door was a dense mixed forest. We created a few main paths into the woods to play and explore. A trickling stream ran amongst the trees and an old elms roots grew out of a moss covered embankment over the stream. Playing there we could sense the fairies watching us. It was magical.
 With this in mind and seeing some really lovely little creations online, I decided to make a fairy garden with my daughter. We had our base, half a fifty gallon drum. Not pretty, nor inspiring, but a definite start. We nestled it in amongst the perwinkle in our front yard in the hopes the vines will cover the ugliness of the drum.
 Filling it with soil was easy. After a trip to our local greenhouse my daughter selected some wonderful plant additions. Another trip to our dollar store for some base pieces found, a horse, some blue beads for water, small butterflies, a bird statue, and of course it wouldn't be complete without a house. Finding the ideal place to place the items was a bit of work. My daughters artistic eye helped to make the scene quite quaint. But still it was lacking some more greenery.  We decided that we would find some more mosses and other goodies on a nature trip to the woods.

Now all that was left to do was sit back and wait for our fairy visitors. Although we may add some other items over the summer months for fun. I have been told by passerby's that they like to look at it. So what a fun way to entertain us, the neighbour's, and hopefully a fairy or two.

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