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Thursday, June 7, 2012

What a printer/scanner can do for you!

 If you haven't invested in a printer/scanner for your homeschool then please do! Why?
It is an invaluable tool for printing out free resources.

 Even if you use boxed curriculum it is super handy to be able to scan and print out your lessons instead of writing in the books you purchased. You can print for multiple students. Of course you should check with the curriculum company to make sure it is ok with their copyrights.

Other sites like Scribd, which is free, offer books to download that are printable.

Is your child bored? Search in your browser box for anything under the sun and add the words coloring page. Click on images and you will find coloring pages to print. Its that easy. Or search for paper crafts printables, before you know it you will be gluing a colesseum or civil war army together.

Do you have family faraway and don't want to mail original artworks? Scan them and email the pictures. Its a great way to stay connected.
The scanners are also great for scanning family photos for kids scrapbooking. No need to fight over the same images.

The uses for the printer/scanner will more then make up for the money it costs to have them over their lifetime.

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