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Thursday, June 7, 2012

OH! WoW!

 I can't believe I have been so long away from my blog! I knew it had been awhile just not so many months. I do apologize for that. I think things have been so busy. I created and with help pulled off the Northern Ontario Homeschool Convention. We are working on planning for our second convention next year.
 I started a new homeschool group in our city for social activities. I am up to my elbows in planning to return to a more eclectic homeschool approach. Which translates into my making up all of our curriculum.
 My dd finished two years of math in one this year. I found them a little too simple. So I bought the same curriculum for her since my son was doing so well with it. WRONG! My son is a completely different learner. He voraciously, gobbles information. I can give him one lesson and in a matter of ten minutes and he has twigged on, mathmatically. DD needs a whole lot more review and one on one. I am going to use it for her as more of guide then a sole curriculum. Her visual learning style is something new for me to figure out. I have to be a whole lot more creative to make learning easier. On top of that my son has decided he needs more one on one. So I spend alot of the school time bouncing from one of my students to the other. I can't imagine how some of you moms with more then two do it. Further it makes me moderately envious, I know not a Christian feeling, of my sister who only has one student to teach.
 My brain feels swamped. I don't take summer vacation because too much information is lost in their learning. I am feeling my way through this with the support of my DH.
 Last year we did 'boxed' curriculum for most things. We were bored. We want to find that fun, learning groove we had before the boxed curriculum came along. I am keenly aware of what is needed. I feel an inordinate amount of pressure to make sure they perform up to or above their peers. With that pressure, my brain feels swamped. LOL did I say that twice?? I think there is a point to this. The point is, I can and will make this year more fun as well as full of learning activities.
 I downloaded a book called 'Kitchen Chemistry' so I have decided for science we will notebook all of the experiments in it. I have focused alot on earth science, biology, and need to branch into chemistry. Also we are going to create reading journals, an idea off of Pinterest. Now for those of you who don't use Pinterest I can't  recommend it enough as a way to find easily homeschool activities, ideas, lessons, charts, etc.. But thats another subject best talked about later.
 Anyway I have plans to make this year a whopper of a good one. I just need a mini vacation in there somewhere to take the burden off my brain. I told my husband I need at least a week to organize my school year. So..we may take some summer holiday afterall.

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