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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back in the game.

September means busyness for most of us homeschooler's. Even for those of us who homeschool year round. The kids here are busy getting ready for the fall fair. Penmanship, civilization models, milk posters, and other great entries all have to be completed by this Thursday's entry date.

I also run our local homeschool group. That means I must have a newsletter written up for the 1st of every month. Along with gathering 5 new free resources to post on our groups site, and coming up with a minimum of 4 new events for our group. Normally this isn't a huge deal but this September we are trying to have our first homeschool kids fine arts show. It takes a lot of planning and organization to get the nitty gritty details polished. Followed on it's heels is our kick off party, more organization and planning. Admittedly this can take a large amount of my time. Before anyone says 'oh you must be supermom' know that behind this 'supermom' is a 'superman' who helps endlessly to make things run smoothly. Also I squeeze all of this into my day throughout the kids lessons. When I see the kids are busy working on an assignment I pull out my stack of assignments and get cracking. I enjoy keeping the homeschool group busy throughout the year and spending time with all the great families who are in it.

On top of the homeschool events that are being planned, September means starting the extracurriculars for the year. My daughter loves Brownies (Junior Girl Guides) and my son has been told he needs to pick one for himself. He is such a homebody and not very social. However at ten I think it is important he find a niche for himself. So I have the fun of compiling the list he can choose from. This is rather difficult because there are only so many groups for his age bracket that would suit his needs in our community. However us moms are always up for the challenge!

Of course if you have found yourself here from our facebook page you already now I am a pretty active poster there as well.

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