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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Freedom to Switch it Up.

 I can't thank myself enough for year round schooling this year. With busy events coming up I am thankful to be able to take the time needed to pull them together and lighten our school load without that niggling feeling of guilt.

 Also having used our 'new' curric for the past couple of months I have learned what is and isn't working. I discovered my daughter would likely benefit from the introduction of a more formal writing program to go with her Logic of English. Therefore I have her starting on Essentials in Writing as well. My daughter is decidely right brained and so I have set her math book aside that we were using. I opted to try Right Brained Math and it's EZ Times Tables. After learning it myself,  I have to say I am very pleased with her understanding of the material thus far. I am excitedly waiting for the already printed copy to arrive with the dvd. (Again printer ink is such a hog!) I am also thrilled to get cracking with our new computer curriculum from TechnoKids this week as well.

 We had a great day geocaching today and visiting a small local waterfall which was unseasonably full due to flash flooding we had here last week. The weather is really cooling off at night bringing us closer to frost already!

In other news last week the kids were working hard for their upcoming homeschool art show. I can't wait for it to be here so I can share all their exciting pieces with you my readers!

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