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Sunday, September 29, 2013


It's been a tiring weekend. With the kids art show being hosted on Friday and Saturday we spent a lot of time getting it set up, attending to it, and then of course taking it all down again. After getting everything put away I am just exhausted. As everyone knows though us mom's rarely catch a break. Today we had to rush out, to beat the crowds, to grab some new pants, the kids start a karate class tomorrow. Then it was time to write up the newsletter for the homeschool group here in town. Thankfully I planned ahead and had some submissions from other hs mom bloggers. It made it slightly easier. Of course even with the easy route some work is involved. I used picmonkey to edit all the art show pics. Here they are :)

My pics are pretty awful I admit I am NOT a photographer. Also our camera lost a lens and we stuck it back in but it hasn't been the same since.

Now that the show is over we can focus our attention on the next major event happening next Sat which is the Homeschool Kick Off. It's been a lot of fun planning, organizing, etc... I am keeping my fingers crossed that we have good weather as regardless it is outside. The only shelter we will have is pretty small if it decides to rain. I think I may be singing "Rain, rain, go away," under my breath all week.

Of course I can't tell you the nitty gritty of our kickoff as some one might catch wind of what's up and ruin the surprise of it all. I can say that it is going to be jam packed with games, prizes, food, and fun. With 67 people scheduled to come it's gotta be BIG! One day at a time I believe the old saying goes. So one day at time it is. Karate tomorrow. I may just have to take my camera if everyone doesn't mind my 'talent' behind the lens. Who knows with enough practice I may just improve my skills.

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