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Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to School Smarty Pants. GIVEAWAY!

Today was our first scheduled back to school day at home. It was expected to have some bumps in the road. Nothing prepared me for the enjoyment of being back in the 'class'. Perhaps it was the fact that we used the classroom for only a brief time in the morning. It may have been the kids elation at opening their back to school 'gifts'. I wrapped up all the new school supplies and made sure I added a couple of cute things in there also. 

Our first order of business after classroom time was to get going to our first 'art class'. The kids stenciled on a couple of their binders and spent time with friends. 

By the time visiting with friends and art was over it was already the middle of the afternoon! So we wandered home having swords fights with our umbrellas as the rain had stopped a couple of hours earlier. Good thing too as we all are in varying stages of the first cold of the season. As we neared our house I said to the kids...you know what would finish this first day up really nicely?..what?..If our book order arrived. I had bought a whole slew of books for our library here at home from Book Outlet. I had been adding to my one day maybe shopping list. You know the kind when you shop online and just click add to cart for fun. The kind that  you just hope maybe one day you can really afford. Well finally after months of adding to this list I took the plunge! 

It really was a great finish to a wonderful day one of many for the coming year.

We wanted to celebrate our back to school day by offering our readers a chance to win a book for themselves!

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