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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Classroom Devastation!

If you knew me you would know I like to have an orderly home....you wouldn't be able to tell that from this picture. Sigh..we've been off school since mid-May. I have had little reason to go to our classroom or back craftroom which are both found downstairs. So it's become a dumping ground for those items that should be put away but weren't.

The bookshelves are in a state of disarray as the kids pull out books to read but rarely return them in the same fashion. It's embarrassing. So why then would I share this with you? Because this is real. This is the reality of homeschooling. Once bookwork is finished and outdoor life comes into play the house can and will invariably fall apart.

Currently we are rearranging our classroom and I purchased that lovely large whiteboard pictured. I had been using two small whiteboards but found it hard to write continuously on the smaller surfaces. I think I am going to use the old ones for assignment boards, one for each child.

I have posters to print and laminate. A homework monopoly game to make, mount, and prepare. School lesson planning to start and complete for all our subjects. Kids aren't the only ones who need review. I forgot where we were when we decided summer needed our attention more. I know we were three weeks into the next grade.

 I should probably check the batteries in my megaphone. Yes I use it! It's amazing how fast kids will come to class if you holler through one of those. It's also great for getting their attention when unruly and not listening....which isn't that often...okay maybe never but I should still have it at the ready.
 Our supplies also need organizing and I have surprises to prepare for my two students as well.

I did find last year that binders are great for holding information but also a real pain for stacking or standing on pretty much any surface. So still to source some sort of cubicles for their books before we begin. Yes it sounds like a lot to accomplish. Did I mention I am hoping to start back to school in one week? I have my work cut out for me. Be sure to pop back by to see our progress on our classroom!

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