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Monday, August 18, 2014

Classical Composers Monthly Review and GIVEAWAY!

Recently I was given the opportunity to review for free two products from Classical Composer's Monthly. This is a online company run by a homeschooling family in the US. The mother has spent large portions of time finding what has worked and not worked for teaching her six children. So the units they offer are prepared with children in mind. Each one is carefully put together using age appropriate materials found from around the internet.

Why is this useful if you can do it yourself? It's the time saving format that is terrific here. Instead of spending a large portion of your time hunting down books, materials, and information to cover the topics offered a simple one time fee to her Classical Composer's Monthly will give you lifetime access to her units. Let's face it as homeschooling families we are busy enough without adding to it by having to research every shred of information for ourselves. So if we can save time in one area of study great!

Classical Composer's Monthly gave me the option of picking two of their product lines to review. I choose Famous Inventors because we always like to learn the history behind the inventions and Fine Arts 1.

Fine Arts 1, I thought was needed to expose the kids to some of the famous pieces of art and their creators. In this unit there are several printable pages depicting various artists work and each page has a summary of the work. Now I don't know if you took art history in school. I did hoping it would be fun. I was wrong it was very dry and uninteresting. Facts, dates, yadda yadda yawn. This method however is quite ingenious and teaches art with a more subtle approach. Simply post these pages around the home. Anywhere really. As the kids pass by they are naturally drawn to the images and the brief summaries about the works. In this way they read the information, see the work, and learn. Simple, yet effective. I love it!

The Famous Inventors study I was given to preview all twelve inventors at once. They covered 12 inventors both ancient and modern day. The inventors pages show a variety of informational formats. The pages are biographical in nature as well as covering experiments, fun sheets, and video lessons. She also has included links to other resource materials you may find useful should you choose to explore those.

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Since this is an online format she is using I would like to add that it is clearly laid out and simple to navigate through the source materials she has included. You can choose from a wide variety of units, famous inventors, great scientists, great works of art, composers 1, composers 2, composers and artists collection 3, Renaissance artists, great artists, fine arts 1, fine arts 2, and much more. If I had to say anything negative about either of the collections I looked at it would be that I would like to see more worksheet or notebooking pages included for each inventor.

What you are purchasing from them is a deal for under $15 per unit. You get hundreds of hours of work which is going to save you personally a lot of time. Be sure to check out her wonderful units at Classical Composer's Monthly.

Note: I was not paid in anyway to write this review. I did recieve the materials for free to review. All thoughts and opinions in this review are my own and in no way were influenced by anyone. We are affiliated to Classical Composer's Monthly which means we may recieve small compensation if you click on their links and make a purchase.

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