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Friday, August 22, 2014

Creating a Buzz in Your Gardens.

Every year we work diligently on our gardens to make them more self sufficient and to bring in a variety of pollinators. This year is the first year I feel very successful. Some of the more delicate plant varieties have died and stronger more resilient plants have taken their place. The effect has been tremendous.

Not a quiet moment all season! The bees and butterflies seem to love all the new plantings. Of course we can't brag without telling you what there is. We have blue vervain, which seems to like to sow itself readily, as well as coneflowers, liatris, peonies, bergamont, thistle, bachelors buttons, weigla, black eyed susans, creeping thyme, false spirea, sweet cecily, and more. The yard is alive with so many pollinators I could likely count six species of bees at any one time. It's interesting that the one pictured above is  very small. Not the typical large bumblebee.

With school around the corner and the gardening season heading into fall it's nice to note all the activity and life continuing in the great outdoors.

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