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Monday, September 22, 2014

30 Ways To Mix It Up In Your Homeschool.

So we've all been there. School's been back in for awhile and the book work is getting everyone down. It's time to mix things up!

  1. Take school outside for the day.
  2. Play background music during work time.
  3. Get some books on cd from the library.
  4. Let kids color or draw pictures about what you are reading while you are reading.
  5. Include movement to your lessons to allow kids to release some energy.
  6. Teach your kids a new game. Dodge ball, skipping, hopscotch etc..
  7. Take a walk through the neighbourhood and discuss architecture, shapes, form, color, plants, animals, vehicles, etc…anything you see can become the lesson.
  8. Try having the kids make up a play for you while you make lunch on the topic they were studying.
  9. Have your child do show and tell with supportive family/friends.
  10. Become engaged in what you are teaching to show the children how fun learning can be, even as an adult.
  11. Take school on the road and do a learning road trip for the day.
  12. Have your child spend a day researching a topic to present on the next day.
  13. Spend the afternoon listening to Mozart or other classical music while painting.
  14. Spend the day in the yard making natural observations. You could extend this by creating a nature journal as well.
  15.  Cook up a cultural feast for dinner.
  16. Have spontaneous field trips just because.
  17. Take time to build something new out of blocks, Lego, clay etc..
  18. Add crossword puzzles into your classroom schedule.
  19. Have the kids write a letter for Language Arts to a family member and mail it.
  20. Use educational board games to reinforce essential skills.
  21. Add some hands on projects to make learning a topic more fun.
  22. Have a pajama day.
  23. Watch movies or documentaries to reinforce learning.
  24. Let the kids teach. They can teach their younger siblings or you.This method is great for evaluation of learning too. By them 'teaching' they are showing you what they know about a particular subject area.
  25. Have the kids put on a play about whatever they are learning.
  26. Include completely random new experiences in your week.
  27. Take a walk in the middle of the day.
  28. Use building toys in part of your lesson. Kids can use them for math, art, science, etc.
  29. Learn a new song together.
  30. Make their birthday a family holiday 

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