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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Some Things Take Time.

We entered our second week of homeschool for the 2014-2015 season. Although we technically are a few weeks in as we had a jump start on our classes at the end of last year before we realized we needed a break. This means we are picking up where we left off. I am discovering just how much that can be a draw back. There's review that needs to be happening in most subjects. 

Day 1: The kids were supposed to be tested but after a three day weekend and no study time it seemed almost cruel. So we had to review the chapter that was to be tested. We are still reviewing french as well as working on some new material with pictorial note taking for my visual learner. It went fairly well all in all. They started their artifical stain glass art. My son choose to do flowers and a bumblebee and my little dragon lover of course choose to do, a dragon.

Day 2: Oh this day I want to forget. We had the runaround all day long for doctors appts. Got a wrong diagnosis and ended up eating bunch of comfort/junk food to relieve stress. Not a good day at all.

Day 3: Hoping to regain some ground we lost on Tuesday I was rushing. My daughter having been prescribed nasal spray needing wrangling. I am not a cowgirl and this is no easy feat. I have no idea why the kids are so reticent when it comes to taking meds. Thankfully after the show we got back to business and the rest of the day finished well. 

Day 4: Many emails and phone calls regarding upcoming extra curricular classes. It was a bit of a distraction from schooling. We made it through though and the kids finished most of their schoolwork with only a small amount of homework for the weekend. They also are being given a weekend assignment in science. I am hoping they will show some good time management this year. We definitely have been talking about it enough this week.

Day 5: Our scheduled homework day...well that was the plan..but as you know homeschool sometimes take turns that we don't expect. Today's was running out of the house so we could look over an advertisement someone had created for our extracurricular classes. Then off to snag a few groceries. When we got home homework was forgotten. 

So all in all both a productive week. We hope to be productive next week but with their father coming home from his out of town shift one never knows. I am learning that planning ahead sometimes is pointless. I am getting adept at opening a book on the fly and picking up where we left off.  Flexibility is important.

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