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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Quest Clubs Now in Canada!

A wonderfully generous with her time mother and her friend have started the first chapter in Canada of Quest Clubs. I wanted to let everyone know what a great organization this is. For years the local choices have been Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, and 4-H. All are excellent programs but this one is really a good fit for so many.

Their motto 'Ask anything! Explore everything!" really gives you the idea of what the group is all about. The fact that there are 1200 badges and rising is just the icing. Kids love having incentives. Although my daughter insists she just likes the games.

Each badge has requirements for each age group since this group is open for 3-18 year olds. Kids even have the option of making up new badges for areas that aren't covered. Both boys and girls can participate making it a great family option. No more running from one group to another. The only juggling you will be doing is all the paperwork for the badge forms. That's right instead of solely being tested by the leaders parents have some of the responsibility.

We went through the listings of badges and I pulled ones that I felt the kids would have already had some experience in making them easier to gain for first badges. Our troop is still deciding on vest (uniform) colors but at least they will have some badges to fill those up really quickly.

The cost is considerably less than other groups mainly because badges are made to order. Quest doesn't keep surplus badges. Which works great because they will be altering several of the American badges to be Canadian! How many other groups are willing to do that! I encourage you to check out the group. If you don't have a group or chapter in your area start one! Even the leaders can earn badges making it fun for the adults too.

Beyond the badges are other award pins the kids can earn with real Swarovski® crystals in areas like life skills, community service, and leadership. Of course with any of these groups it's just a great way for kids to get out and have healthy fun.

My daughter spent a great deal of time and effort working on her level 2 baking badge. She had to bake a cake from scratch. She chose to make a chocolate pound cake for her fathers birthday. It turned out really well and I think she gained a lot of confidence in the kitchen from this experience. Not to be outdone my son is scheduled to make his cake for his level 3 baking badge later this week. Thankfully he can take it to meeting with him and spare me the calories.

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