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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What's This World Coming To?

As with all technology it's sure to have some glitches in the machine. Telehealthcare may not have to do with homeschool or be related directly but certainly it is of a concern after our experience yesterday. I wonder how many others have had similar experiences?

My son had a planters wart on his foot which appeared to be getting severely worse. Blisters were forming all over the ball of his foot. Now normally going to your regular healthcare provider would be advised. However that wasn't an option for us so I decided to take him to a walk in clinic. 

This newer, tech savvy clinic used telehealth via satellite link up. Great! How cool there's the doctor on the screen. This is neat! Yes sure it is. However his diagnosis was off through no fault of his own. It's just the tech can't stand in for real life observations. 

The Dr. said my son's planter wart had formed a colony which would need significant treatment weekly for six weeks! This treatment would include cutting and nitro freezing. Now you can imagine even as an adult getting that diagnosis is not pleasant. To my 11 year old it was terrifying. The idea of someone slicing into his foot sent him into a panic. To make matters worse this treatment was needed right now and they didn't provide it at that clinic. 

After traveling across town to another walk in clinic that did provide the treatment we were informed by the in person Dr. that the diagnosis was wrong. Not only did my son not need invasive treatment but it wasn't even a colony of warts but rather a breakout of eczema  next to the original planters wart. You can imagine my son's relief. Mine also.

However this news brought to light the very real fact that if the other diagnosis was wrong and they had been able to provide that treatment he would have suffered needlessly. Can telehealthcare fill in for real live human doctors? I think not. So please be wary of telehealthcare and seek a second opinion when you feel it is appropriate.
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