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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Leave Nothing But Footprints.

This year I have implemented Phys Ed (Physical Education) into our daily schedule. The reason being my kids are at that age where toys and games don't interest them the same as it used to. So to encourage some physicality into the day I thought it was needed.

Today's class, going for a walk on the incredibly beautiful Hub Trail. We didn't make it an overly long trek as we only get one hour for this class. It was humid and sticky today and so quiet. As we walked along the biking path we spotted a dragonfly. Now normally these creatures are pretty adept at escaping before anyone is too close. This poor fellow had a broken limb and apparently had gotten it's wings wet leaving it helpless on the bike path. Concerned for it's well being we used a dandelion leaf and encouraged him onto it before moving him out of harms way. While so doing he bravely fly away although you could tell it was a struggle. We watched him safely cross the highway with baited breath.

It would seem that all of our years canoeing and spending time in nature has paid off. My children are not only intensely interested in the world around them but in making sure no harm comes to the natural environment. Some people may even, okay, they have called us tree huggers. Now I am not likely to be found saving a tree from the saw but you will find me encouraging a youthful sapling to find a new more suitable home.

That said I wanted to share today some great links for learning about Ecology. What a great way to spark the kids interest in the world around them.

  1. Ecology Kids
  2. Kids Do Ecology
  3. Ecology For Kids
  4. The Benefits of Recycling
  5. Kids Ecology Corps
Remember when enjoying nature leave nothing but footprints behind! 
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