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Sunday, September 21, 2014

6 Ways to Motivate Your Children to Learn.

  Sometimes as adults we forget how hard it is to shake the summer fun off and knuckle down to the bookwork. If you have taken the summer off be prepared for a week or two of feet dragging as you get back into a routine. It can take longer for some kids than others. Some ways you can motivate your child are;

 1. To make the lessons include fun projects.

 2. Have the child read about or research a topic of their choosing.

 3. Reward your children often with praise for work done well. Rewards can also include stickers, a special snack, etc.

 4. Offer breaks from the work. Nobody likes to sit still for too long especially very young children. Breaking up your school day can require more motivation on your part to make sure it isn’t forgotten in all the other days activities.

 5. Switching up your regular routine once in awhile is also another great way to make kids excited about the learning process.

6. Remember too that some days are just not going to go the way you planned. No matter how you try to motivate your student they may just not be ready. It's okay to step away from the books and take a needed break.

Kids aren't horses dangling carrots doesn't always work but when we try to be more creative in our teaching methods it can make the process more enjoyable for everyone. The more children enjoy what they are doing the more they will be motivated to get it done.

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