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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day Tripping in the North.

Day trips are a favorite pastime with our family. We love to get out in nature and enjoy everything this great piece of the Canadian Shield has to offer. One enjoyable trip we try to do at least once a year is to the Canadian Carver in Pancake Bay, Ontario. It's full of wonderful gifts but more exciting to us, is to look at all the terrific woodcarvings made by Canadian artists. It's about an hour up the Trans Canada Hwy to get there from here but well worth the drive.

Today the kids were hoping to squeeze in some summer swimming along the shore of Lake Superior. It's only +13C though with a gusting wind. When you see white caps on the water it generally means a storm is brewing and it's pretty nippy. Not to be deterred they still waded in a bit braving the waves and chill. This gave me a chance to beachcomb anyway so it was good. I found some really interesting things to add to our next Geo-Box which is destined for Louisiana but more on that in another post I think.

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