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Thursday, July 31, 2014

How You Can Learn From Geoboxing.

It's been a few years now that we have been homeschooling.. In the beginning we tried various swap groups it was a real let down when you put all of your creativity into making a cool flat traveler or card and never received one in response despite your best efforts that can happen.
What we have learned is that some groups are more prone to that because of the anonymous nature of the groups. One year the kids made Christmas stockings and filled them with special goodies for a stocking swap. They were so excited by the prospect of getting a stocking in return. They never got those stockings. It was really disheartening so we took a break from swaps for a year or so.
Then we discovered Homeschool Swapping Adventures on Facebook run by Jenny Morris. Wow! She runs a tight ship. If you don't participate you will get tossed from the group after two missed swaps. The group runs postcard swaps, birthday card swaps, flat traveler swaps, state map swaps, and of course the Geo Box swaps. This was her brain child. I would like to add it is costly to do a good Geo Box...so we are limiting them to the summer months when things around here are a little slower and we have more time to go out into nature to source some cool natural items.
This month we were set to swap with a family in Louisiana. What fun when the package arrived. There's always the anticipation of what may or may not be included. Generally a welled packed box will include some brochures and other local information. What else it may include is always a surprise. It's a terrific way for children to take a virtual tour of a region and learn more about it.

This Geo Box was a huge success with Cajun chips, Praline candy, cotton from plantation, maps, postcards, a crawfish magnet, an alligator keychain, jumbalaya mix, a small cookbook, a state map, and a wonderful write up about Louisiana as well as several activity pages. Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see what we have in store for them!

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