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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer time!

Normally summer has meant year round schooling. We decided this year to take off the nice months of the year. In Canada there are so few anyway. Most of the winter is book work and we needed the break.
So we put the books away, got out the sandals, and sunblock and got to work on a large fairy garden..pics to come.. We started learning wire crafting to make some decorations for the garden. We leaned landscape design with garden making, laying of landscape fabric, soil, mulch, plants. My son has also developed an interest in herbs and their medicinal, culinary, and aromatherapy uses. So we devoted our deck planter to herbs and tucked some into our small urban vegetable garden. Which can hardly be considered anything other then a learning experience it's so small. Each year we plant a couple of favorites like peas and tomatoes and try one or two new crop plants. So this year we have nestled in four baby cabbages, a small row of spinach, and some beans. All will be very much appreciated and enjoyed come harvest time. With the rain we've been getting lately the garden is also growing a lovely selection of weeds which need pulling. Our daughter is headed off to her first summer camp experience. One week away from home! I don't know who is more nervous her or I. I went to this camp as a child around the same age as her. It's hard to believe looking back some thirty years that it was my life. So many changes along the road of life. So after this rambling post I just wanted to assure you my readership that I will be posting pics of the gardens very soon.

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