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Monday, July 21, 2014

The Fairy Kingdom 2014.

 This year after much admiring of other fairy gardens all winter, my daughter and I decided to undertake a fairy garden that was a little different. Why be confined to a small area when we had a whole area of yard freshly filled in. We had a large pond in our yard for a number of years but decided we wanted to fill it back in this year. Although I do miss the birds and other wildlife that came to have baths and drinks from it. I admit this fairy kingdom is coming along nicely.
The main part of the garden is separated from the upper garden area by the fence by a walkway aka the bridge we had over the old pond. We thought why not make the fairies have a whole village and then make a castle. Currently the castle is on hold until I find a better adhesive for stone work.
I wanted to share some of the gardens features with you though as it has been so much fun working on it this summer.

Our little clothesline...clothing still in the works
Three mini whirlygigs for the fairies to gauge
wind speeds before take off.

The fairies love moss. We have both scotch and
irish moss in the garden. They also like to corral
animals on occasion for fun. Here we have a wee
hedgehog rounded up.
The fairies are art enthusiasts. Many statuary fill the
kingdom accenting the foliage and making it
a more pleasing environment for them.
The fisherman fairy home is right next to the pond.
Basking in the sun is a small green frog. In the background
you can see wire and paint flowers. The idea for those was
found on Pinterest with a few tweaks to make it work.

The fairy tree of lights. Made from sticks and twine.
The tree features marble and wire lights. Our friend
the owl has taken up residence.

We hope you have enjoyed your tour so far. As the garden progresses throughout the season we will be sure to add more pics.


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