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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pinterest the Revolution!

 You know when I was growing up etch a sketch was the coolest toy on the market. Internet was a word not in our vocabulary. Computers were just hitting the market at insane prices and had black screens with green dot matrix writing. If you wanted to be creative you had to do it yourself. I once made a fancy pattern on paper and showed it to my mother. She smiled and said that although it was lovely she was certain someone somewhere had already made that pattern. I couldn't claim it was an original design. As disheartened as I was at the time when she told me that, I realize now it's true. Since first getting my internet ready computer 14 years ago I have seen many shifts in cyberspace. I delved in wholeheartedly to learning the ins and the outs. I spent hours learning html with CoffeeCup programming. I made websites because it was easy and the thing to do.
Fast forward fourteen years. I had to take a lot of time away from developing my skills online to raising kids. Something I love doing. I easily get bored with one skill set and trade it in for something new anyway. One reason I make a great housewife but lousy employee. Well anyway, what I have noticed since beginning homeschooling is a large amount of uncreative, regurgitated work online. Copy and paste rules supreme. I have also found that as I continue to homeschool and the days are eaten up with school, housework, and life that I have less time and energy to spend on my own creative thoughts.
 Enter Pinterest. It has revolutionized my life. I can go there and freely find ideas to help in any area of my life. Whether it's cooking, homeschooling, building things, or art. It's all the internet blobbed together in one comprehensive site. I no longer find myself needing to Google things and look at the images they have. I can find all the ideas I need on Pinterest.
So if you haven't already become a Pinteresting person I encourage you to go. It may seem a tad confusing when you first join. Give it a week to familiarize yourself with the site. It's like having a wellspring of information in one easy to navigate site that links you to the rest of the internet. Pinning ideas to boards (saving them in folders) for later and knowing your information won't be lost when your computer crashes next. Oh we've all been there. You're using your trusty computer when boom it suddenly starts acting up and everything is lost. Well that won't happen with Pinterest.
So if you are unsure of what it's about try searching through these great homeschooling Mom boards by clicking on the image below.

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