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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Learning Never Ends.

Summertime is cool this year in Northern Ontario. We have to come up with ideas to keep us amused on occasion inside as well as out when the rain and wind kicks in. So today while the kids were playing I was investigating how to blog more efficiently. How to find and add affiliate links. Affiliate what? Affiliate links are links that lead you to another site, generally a business. It's a form of advertising which is said to skyrocket in the next few years. I was happy to find easily a few companies offering such programs.

Why would I want to do this you may be asking yourself. Why add ads when one doesn't have to. The affiliate programs make you money. Monetizing blogs is a relatively easy way to make some cash on the side. The thing is when you are completely new to this world it's very confusing. Jargon abounds and that's why I thank my lucky stars that I don't mind learning new skills. Ten years ago I didn't even know about blogs. Five years ago I started to investigate and begin this  blog.

Homeschooling isn't just for the kids. Being a teaching mother means learning to learn along with the kids and showing them that learning can be fun and beneficial as well. I hope that by sharing this journey with you, you too can learn how to monetize your blog. Of couse as time goes by I will also be sharing our adventures with you.

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