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Monday, July 12, 2010

Today is Home Ec Day 1

Day one of Home Economics for kids. Back in the day when I was in PS we occasionally got to experience Home EC although for the most part it was already being phased out. Well I for one think it's vital for kids to learn how to cook and to learn to think about meals more in depth other then 'what's for dinner Mom?'.
So to get them to work cooperatively on the project I pulled out cookbooks. I have a lot of the Company's Coming cookbooks with pictures which helps them to decide. They had the choice of making it together or choosing to make the dinner and desert separate. Well DS is making pizza pockets from scratch and DD decided upon a raspberry cupcake recipe. Then it was time to put them to work. They worked together with me watching from a tough to maintain distance. As DS read the cookbooks and instructed his sister throughout her cupcake mixing. And then DS read and made his dough.
It's almost time to ice those cupcakes. They sure smell delicious and look really wonderful :)
I hope to have them do it once a week to help with math, cooperation, meal planning, but most of all for fun! They had a lot of fun working together and are so proud of their efforts. As well they should be for a seven and five year old.

The school store was a moderate success. The money they had earned in the first week was spent on snacks mostly. Although DD did buy herself a non food item. So that was nice to see. DS has his eye on a building kit I got at a garage sale last weekend. He has to earn $5 first though through hard work so we shall see.

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