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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Heat, Humidity and Bronchitis

So my plan to keep teaching through summer is being quashed with me being down with bronchitis. Boy am I ever sick of coughing.
However the kids surprised me with a lovely artwork involving a blue sleeping bag as the backdrop. They then took all the sea animal stuffies they had and some real shells and made a lovely composition. Not bad for amusement from a five and seven year old. :)
And yesterday DD took all of the lego people and lined the ring that goes around the globe with them and we made up a lovely song about people being different. Even ones with pumpkin heads, one of the lego people had one ;)
So I guess in their own way they are continuing with their life lessons on their own.

In other news I am pretty frustrated that I can't figure out how to add buttons to this page. Hmm more reading is needed.

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