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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Terminology, Confusion and Overload.

I am relatively new to this homeschooling lifestyle. And admittedly have been reading for the last several months as much as I can online from forums, blogs, web pages and so on about homeschooling. What I have found is a number of terms that left me stymied for the most part and looking for more information. My journey so far has left me feeling a little like I did when in high school, I went to PS, I decided to take a 'easy' business course and the teacher used so many terms within terms that my head was literally spinning for the sheer lack of comprehension of all of it. Gifted, Spatial Learning, Visual Learning, Kinestheic Learning, among all the learning styles I discovered there was also a long list of learning methods. Methods which were new to me. Now I have done a lot reading and it seems there is no shortage of people offering their opinions on these topics however I am left with the feeling that what hasn't been discussed ad nauseum are teaching styles.
You can pick the best curriculum, you can know your childs learning style, you can have the best laid plans but what if your teaching style doesn't mesh with all of the above. What then?
Yes there is a need to learn about the above certainly but I wonder as I read about the academic side of home learning where are the mentions of teaching? It seems as parents/teachers we are overlooking a vital part of home learning. Teaching methods are equally important and I am not talking your philosophy of schooling ie Unschooling, Charlotte Mason or whatever else you have choosen. I mean the daily flavor and face you put on to teach. Are you a happy teacher who delights in the teaching of your kids. Are you a bored teacher reguritating facts. Where do you fit.

I hope we all fit in this journey we have choosen with a happy face to meet the morning and that when it's time for lights out we still can smile at the sheer wonder of our beautiful children and their blossoming minds.

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