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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Treasure Hunting!

Well treasures abounded this weekend :). As I said we love yard sales. This city has a lot during the summer months. We wake up early load up and take off for five hours or so to treasure hunt. This weekend I found a estate sale that was a artists treasure trove. I picked up three super large sketch books unused. Their value in the store is well over $50. I could have been greedy and picked up more but they hadn't listed the asking price. So I was hesitant to ask. Very happily I paid for these great sketch books for a whopping $3!
Then off to a sale with kids clothes and toys. Always a favorite with the kids are the toys of course. Why buy new when we can purchase great quality toys second hand? DD got a huge bunch LPS( Littlest Pet Shops) something I don't like to buy new because they are over packaged and priced for what you get. So she was thrilled.
DS found some more matchbox style cars. Not that he really needed more but it keeps them amused while Mom and Dad scoured other sales.
Where DH found a lot of tools. And my real find of the day a solid entertainment unit with transom doors and stain glass door fronts. With glass shelving inside. A big purchase for $3 :P
We love hunting to find that one thing that maybe we won't have to pay full price on that is needed here at home. Like the office organizers I found. I think I will use them to set up a workbox system for light school days when no major lessons or lapbooking is going on.
I really have to get some pictures of our new 'classroom' although we are relaxed ecclectic homeschoolers we are fortunate enough to have the space to dedicate to storing and working on our lessons. And since the kids like the homeschool atmosphere it works well.
So far I have got about 50% of it organized for next Sept/Oct when we will start to hit the books hard. LOL well not really more when I will get into more lessons. Right now we are having a easy summer. Mostly because of my bronchitis making speaking without coughing a chore :(. But once I am hail and hardy again I think I would like to do more field trips while the weather is nice. And I do hope that is soon. The wild blueberries are ripe for the picking and we have two weeks before our big "vacation" to go picking.
In other news we are forced to making a kennel for the dog while we are gone as she appears to have some sort of separation anxiety and she turns into 'Marley' well not really that bad. Just some potty issues and guinea pig snuffling that needs to be avoided.
So we have decided to make part of our driveway which is ridiculously large into a fenced in kennel. DH has been working with a friend at his saw mill milling wood and has gotten a lot of rough sawn boards for his efforts, so we will use some of those I think.
More work, always more work. But where there is a will there is always a way.
So that's today. Tomorrow the kids are looking forward to hitting the school store. They very responsibly deposited paycheques into the school bank for withdrawals later. We told them that if they lost their paycheques or their money that, like in real life/adult life they would be out that money. Just a way to get them to think and be more responsible.
Oh and yesterday DS decided to earn bonus monies for store time he would continue his school lessons by telling me how he understood division. I have been putting him off on that even though he is eager until Sept so he could get the multiplication facts down. But he did get the concept of division and so he pulled out his dry erase division tables and did the first two on his own. I was really proud of him. And as if that wasn't a golden enough moment he decided to dry the supper dishes without being asked. A quality that will no doubt stand him in good stead down the road.
Well I have prattled on enough. I should go and get some work done ;)

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