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Monday, July 26, 2010

High Time!

I figured it's high time I posted something. lol. Time has been busy with nice weather and good health. The kids are getting restless so I have decided summer play will be reduced and educational activities will be added.
The home ec cooking seems to be a bit more then they can handle at this time. Or perhaps more then I can handle. I shall have to rework the requirements for that.
School store remained closed this past week because neither of them earned any money in the preceeding week. So it should work to their benefit to return to lessons. A few days off and already DD has forgotten how to skip count by twos and my DS seems to becoming unruly. Structure here is a must apparently. Perhaps we will try the three weeks on one week off method. I am not sure that a whole week off is needed although it certainly allows for more house cleaning.
This past weekend we again went garage saling. It was rather dismal. The highlight was DS found and plastic ball for 25cents that switches its color when tossed into the air. It really is an engineering lesson in itself. It actually flips itself inside out. Very impressive.
I got to weeding in the garden and discovered some plants I thought were forgotten and some that were positively starved for light. We took the hedge trimmer to the overgrowth among the spireas and sandcherry. A small limb was removed from our early summer apple tree which is again dropping it's apples. The tree appears to have a crack and will likely need replacing as well as the birch tree in the backyard. I really had hoped to plant some young trees to start growing in to replace them this year but I am not sure that that will happen.
DH is working long hours making days at home very long and tiring. I am really glad the humidity that we normally experience has been replaced with a much appreciated breeze.
More weeding to do still as my yard which is adequate in size is 85% gardens of one variety or another. Well that's this past weeks summary. I do hope that the links you find here proving useful in your schooling.
I would also encourage you to check out the homeschool forum www.homeschoolspot.com it is a very welcoming board with many topics to gain advice from.

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