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Friday, July 30, 2010

My poor kid

Woken by crying at three a.m. DS had his first charlie horse. Now I don't know about anyone elses children but...of all the kids in the world I almost fear my son's anguish. He's so vocal that he is screeching like a howling dog. I love him but really he needs to tone it down at three a.m. I console and or rather try to console. Like most men my son already has a independent streak in him that makes it hard to console him. He's had it since birth. He resists all attempts at comfort and reason. By 3.30 am I tell him he should just lay down next to me till the pain subsides. Apparently he was very weary by now because he fell back to sleep almost instantly. Unfortunately for my husband and myself we now get to toss coins for who is relegated to the couch. Well like his son, my DH's manly nature dictates he must take the couch. I say goodnight to my husband as he shambles out of the room. How often that man has proven his worth as a partner in life. Often overlooked when the compost is forgotten he is my rock of support. So morning came early here. My poor son is suffering all day from the after effects of his rough night. I hope that this has been a learning experience in some way as I describe for the one hundredth time that holding one's neck in an unnatural position in an attempt to ease pain is only going to prolong the pain. Sigh. No school today.
Although I guess we did learn something when playing outside they watched as I took rocks, dandelion leaves, and twigs to make a house for a toy of theirs. They then set to work engineering their own structure from some bricks and wood that was laying around for the sheer joy of engineering.
And me tired from a long night flopped in a lawn chair to toss the tennis ball to the dog who never tires of fetch.

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  1. Those rough nights are what having kids are all about. LOL Coffee is always my friend the next morning. :)


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