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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So being sick with bronchitis in the humidity we have here has been really rough. Which means loads of laundry that weren't put away for awhile. So before my kids starting going naked I decided since I can breathe better today I should make the effort. Well, apparently although they have been playing together beautifully part of that is making gigantic messes. So back to shovelling out the rooms. I went through three bookshelves, after the books were gathered from hither and yond. And put away four laundry hampers of clothes. DS has been on a growth spurt lately bulking up before the big upward burst, so we sorted out clothes that didn't fit also. And we tidied toys. And there is still so much more to get done. It really never ends. I really am working on the kids learning to put things away when they are done. Translation is Mom has to instruct them everyday to clean virtually everything up that they have taken out which is nearly everything. I wish I had a magic wand so my lesson on cleaning up with the kids would stick.
So ends the rant :P

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